Millenium Towers . New York, NY

27.3 kWp
Millenium Towers photo magnifying glass grfx
Millenium Towers photo thumbnailMillenium Towers photo thumbnailMillenium Towers photo thumbnail

System Startup

March 2007 Watch the installation

Equipment Specifications

altPOWER BIPV Modules with SunPower A-300 Solar Cells
Xantrex PV-30208 Inverter

Key Partners

Millenium Partners
Handel Architects
Gotham Construction

Site Description

A Residential High-Rise condo building in downtown Manhattan. The LEED Certified Building incorporates several other green attributes.


The array is located on the west face of the mechanical bulkhead at the top of the building. altPOWER worked hand-in-hand with the design team to determine the look and placement of the array in order to integrate it into the building. In the end, altPOWER designed and fabricated the glass panels which use a darker more efficient solar cell and a dark blue back-sheet that blends into the buildings overall design. The installation took just two days.