Riverhouse at Rockefeller Park . New York, NY

43.3 kWp
Riverhouse at Rockefeller Park photo magnifying glass grfx
Riverhouse at Rockefeller Park photo thumbnailRiverhouse at Rockefeller Park photo thumbnail

System Startup

February 2009
Click here to see a timelapse of the installation

Equipment Specifications

altPOWER BIPV Modules with Sunpower A-300 Solar Cells
3 Xantrex Inverters
2 Sunpower Inverters

Key Partners

Sheldrake Organization, Inc.
Polshek Partnership
Plaza Construction

Site Description

A Residential High-Rise building in downtown Manhattan. The LEED Gold Certified building incorporates many other green attributes.


The Riverhouse at Rockefeller Park at its time of installation was the largest photovoltaic tracking array on an urban high rise building. It features passive tracking on three facades, with custom modules using dark purple monocrystalline cells.